What We Do

Over 30 years ago, Peter Spano set out to create something meaningful. Tired of simply selling the items he believed in at festivals, we opened up our storefront on Congress Street in Portland, Maine. 

Inspired by his travels throughout the world and a desire to contribute to our global community, Peter built Siempre Mas. From funding cataract surgery across the world, to supporting important education efforts through AHHA Cambodia, we utilize this business as a means for global contribution. Throughout the years as we have grown and changed, Peter and Sita have travelled across the world in search of new causes and collections that matter. Our vendors aren't just our vendors; they're our friends, family, and lifelong connections that we work to keep.

We are so excited to share in this abundance with you, and everyone around the world. Stop by our location at 377 Fore Street in Portland, or say hello online! We would love to connect with you.

With love and Kindness,

The Siempre Mas Family